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Philippine EnviroNews (environews.ph) operated by the management and officers of the  Philippine Network of Environmental Journalists, Inc. (PNEJ) is the premier source of news and information on environmental and climate change-related issues, as well as disaster updates in the Philippines, by integrating short messaging service (SMS) or Mobile Reporting and utilizing social media from more than 100 journalists in the country.

Philippine EnviroNews aims to transform the way journalists report environment, climate change and disaster news in the Philippines by using technological advances, particularly mobile phones and SMS, to enable new forms of collaborative journalism.

The Philippines, a biodiversity hotspot and ranked as the world’s third most vulnerable country to the impact of climate change, offers a wealth of underreported stories on the environment. The team behind Philippine EnviroNews reports on disaster, climate change, agriculture, eco-cities, biodiversity, water, health, energy, waste and international policies, including their impact on local communities.

Philippine EnviroNews also aims deliver information and innovative ideas to our readers, as well as help promote local technologies that impact on communities and decision makers. It harnesses the power of technology to get vital news and information to those who need it most.

Since its launch in 2010, PNEJ has offered insights into comprehensive coverage and reportage of environmental, climate change and disaster issues, with its team of journalists working and linking with policy makers and local and international institutions.

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