US$1.2 million environment project for Mindanao



A proposal by the Philippines to implement a US$1.2 million environment project in the BIMP-EAGA was adopted by the sub-regional cooperation’s environment cluster, a government official said.


Janet Lopoz, executive director of the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA), said the project seeks to make people in the BIMP-EAGA more adaptable to climate change by building the resilience of local communities and enhance their disaster preparedness measures. “The proposal’s main thrust is to lessen the impact of climate change, with the prime goal of preventing environmental disasters within the region,” Lopoz said in a statement early this week.


Entitled “Building Local Community Resilience in BIMP-EAGA for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation and Disaster Preparedness,” the Philippines presented the proposal during the 3rd BIMP-EAGA environment cluster meeting held in May in Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia.


She said that environmental disasters can be prevented by implementing projects that strengthen disaster risk management and develop efficient response mechanisms in addressing environmental issues within BIMP-EAGA.


Story by Bong Sarmiento, PNEJ member

Photo by the Mindanao Development Authority

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